Nature Park

nature park naga city
Haciendas De Naga is an 82-hectare property built on the slopes of Mt. Isarog. It is characterized by vast expanses of open spaces. Still in their original places were old trees and vegetation left undisturbed when the resort was landscaped. The resort is the epitome of how nature and man-made planning and architecture could co-exist harmoniously.

Haciendas De Naga has a grove of Pili Trees. Resort guests may freely pick Pili Nuts from these trees. There’s also a Fishing Lagoon especially made for guests who enjoy the sedentary pleasures of fishing. There is a designated Camp Site , a Vegetable Garden, a Bee Farm, and even a Butterfly Farm. Dotting the landscape are a few life-like statues of comic-book heroes like Iron Man, Incredible Hulk and Spider Man; not exactly “natural” but definitely marvelous additions to the natural scenery. Just ask the kids and the kids-at-heart.


Pili Park and Camp Site

At Haciendas De Naga, there is a grove of pili nut trees, under the cool shade of which lies the resort’s camp site and activity site. This serves as an excellent location for games, school activities, and team-building. Pili nuts are also freely available for the picking.

haciendas de naga camping

haciendas de naga camping

haciendas de naga camping

haciendas de naga camping
pili picking at haciendas de naga


Fishing Lagoon

For those who love fishing – or for the youngsters who’d love to learn this fine old art – Haciendas De Naga has a fishing lagoon for just such a purpose. Grandpas can now bond with grandsons – and fathers with sons – over long conversations shared while casting fishing lines.
Fishing lagoon haciendas de naga


Wildlife and Dinosaur Park

dinosaur park naga city
Larger-than life statues of extinct dinosaurs and wild jungle animals liberally dot the landscape at Haciendas De Naga. Great for educational sightseeing tours. Kids get some exercise walking from one statue to another and pose for lots of pictures while they learn more about the animal kingdom and prehistoric dinosaurs.
haciendas de naga tiger


Comic Book Heroes

And who could ignore the wonderful reproductions of beloved comic book heroes like The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man? Definitely a crowd-pleaser, they make superb backdrops for selfies and wacky photos.
Action  Figures Haciendas De Naga