Ranchero’s Grill

ranchero's grill

Ranchero Grill at Haciendas De Naga is the home of the famous Pili Shake. It serves Filipino cuisine. Enjoy select appetizers and soups, mains, and sandwiches. It’s a great place to hang out and relax after a full day of swimming or playing golf.

ranchero's grill

ranchero's grill

Also available at Ranchero Grill is food from the menu of one of Bicol’s must-try restaurants, Bob Marlin Restaurant.

Ranchero Grill Menu

ranchero's grill menu 1

ranchero's grill menu 2

ranchero's grill menu 3

ranchero's grill menu 4


Ranchero Grill Choices

After spending the day riding the waves at the Wave Pool or teeing at the driving range, Ranchero Grill offers a variety of dishes to satisfy your food cravings.